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Stunt Value : An Aquarium Journal
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2nd-Jun-2008 08:28 am - Day Fourteen.
So. Friday: 25% water change.

Saturday: Added four Otos.

Sunday: Wake up to find one Oto dead (expected, since they're such fragile little things) and Scene has Ich.

I set up two one gallon containers and a one gallon tank, all I had lying around, stuck Scene in one, Armony in one, and the Otos in one, along with Plague. I completely tore apart the tank. Got rid of the plants and gravel. Threw out my happily cycled filter media. When and spent $50 on Ich meds, new gravel, new plants, new filter cartridge.

I set the tank back up and put the Otos and Plague back in. I checked them out first - they were clean. Then I inspected Armony (she did not enjoy that) and she was clean too, so I stuck her back in the tank.

Scene is on house arrest now and will be staying in his one gallon container for the next fifteen days.

But, I sort of found out why Armony never came out of hiding. Apparently, Scene has been upsetting her. All morning she's been swimming around happily. So I don't even know if Scene will be going back into the tank.

Getting Bleached:

Drying Out The Filter:

Drying After Bleaching:

My Containment System:

Newly Set Up:

One Of The Otos (AKA, The Overcast Kids, AKA, The Black Parade) :
27th-May-2008 11:45 am - Day Eight.
Did a 25% water change today. While I was getting ready to start with the gravel vaccing, I noticed something on the side of the tank, just above the water line, near the thermometer. Apparently, I got a free snail with my plants!

It's a little, tiny, itty-bitty apple snail. It's definitely not a pest snail, as the shell shape is that of a briggs, and she was crawling out of the water. I kept her in a plastic cup with tank water while I did the water change, and in the fifteen minutes it took me to do everything, she almost got out of the cup!

She crawled around on my finger for a while before I put her back in the tank. I couldn't get pictures - she was just way too small. Camera wouldn't focus. I don't know where she is now, since she's in the tank; she's probably hiding, not that she needs to. She's too small for me to see anyway.

I think if I see her again, I might break out Scene's old one gallon and let her stay in there while she grows.

Armony hasn't been doing her job lately, so tonight when I go to the pet store (need bedding for my rat cages), I'm going to see about getting some ottos. I'm thinking four. Guess I'll have to see.
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25th-May-2008 05:25 pm - Day Six.
I have algae! This shouldn't actually make me happy - at all - but Armony hasn't been eating any of the algae wafers I've been putting in. She's be cleaning around the tank, but I never saw any algae. Figured it was there since it looked like she was eating some, but wasn't sure. I'm just glad to know she has something to eat, now.
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24th-May-2008 08:55 am - Day Five.
I forgot to mention on Thursday that I got filter media from a friend. Cycled media. I put that in the filter along with the cartridge I got.

Everything's going good. I changed the tank around a bit - took out most of the rocks, moved plants a little. My grandparents bought me a tank ornament. It's really awesome, but doesn't look natural. I put it in anyway, since they got it for me. Scene likes it, anyway.

I've been doing daily gravel vaccing. Mostly just to get excess food and waste out of the gravel; it's been helping to keep the water clean.

My pleco has been named Armony. I love her a lot. She's totally awesome. Every time she comes out of her cave, I say to my family, "Look! Look at my pleco! Watch her! Isn't she awesome?" They don't think she's as cool as I do, but that's okay. I like her enough for all of us.

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22nd-May-2008 08:22 pm - day three.
I went to the LFS today. Got all the stuff I needed - filter cartridge, algae pellets. I also got a female Bulldog Pleco - she's almost two inches long and amazing. It took the LFS lady about three minutes to catch her. Somehow, I picked the lively one.

I also got an apple snail, currently unsexed. It's awesome, though, and its name is Plague. Scene thinks these two are the most amazing things in the world. He loves swimming around, keeping tabs on them.

They settled in nicely after acclimation. The pleco is a bit skittish and shy, but that's understandable. She'll grow out of it, I think. Plague was one of the only apple snails in the LFS crawling around on the glass, actually being active.

I was in love with both of them before we even left the store.

"Whatcha doin' in there?"

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21st-May-2008 05:24 pm - Day Two.
Well, today Scene has all his color back after The Big Filter Problem. He's swimming around, showing off again, eating like usual, and being mean to the camera. Here's a couple pics, just to show him off:

You still can't see all his colors in the pics - he has some green at the base of his tail, but it's mostly on his left side, anyway.

I'm going to the LFS tomorrow. I'm really excited to get everything going. \o/
20th-May-2008 04:40 pm - day one.
My tank arrived today! I checked the door every five minutes once 10:30 rolled around, because sometimes they forget to ring the doorbell. It got here just before noon, and I got it completely set up around 1:45.

I forgot to take pictures while I was setting it up (I kept saying, "Ugh, I gotta take pictures now, before I forget!" and then I'd forget. So.)

I also didn't have enough gravel, but everything worked out okay. I added a layer of rocks on top of the gravel - it looks nice. So, here are pictures! Scene looks a bit pale, as the filter stressed him for a while, but I fixed it, so he's happy now, swimming around and showing off as usual.

I would've gone with a natural color gravel, but already had some of the blue, and don't really have the money to spend on extras right now, anyway. I think it looks good, so. I'm sixteen, I'm allowed to have kid-colored gravel in my fish tank. [:

We're going to the LFS on Thursday for a small (hopefully Pitbull, but maybe Bulldog) pleco, and some plants. I'll also be getting some mature filter media from a friend.
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